호룡(주) - Company in 김제시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
    호룡(주) - Company in 김제시, 대한민국 - Allbiz
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    호룡(주) - Company in 김제시, 대한민국 - Allbiz

    호룡(주), 김제시제조 업체

    호룡(주), 김제시
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    Сompany address: 김제시, 대한민국
    전북 김제시 만경읍 만경 공단 2길 73번지(구. 몽산리 106-13)
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    Company HORYONG CO., LTD was establish in 1990 and currently became a recognized leader in manufacture of aerial lift trucks and ladder lift trucks in the local market of the Republic of Korea. In Korea, we confidently takes 70% of the market. Exporting equipment around the world, we get the trust of customers around the world. Based on the experience gained in development and manufacture of aerial lift trucks and ladder lift trucks, we have started manufacturing of cargo cranes. The staff of HORYONG CO., LTD are always pay great attention to the quality of products, our specialists of Research Center is constantly working to improve the quality of products. We have a full production cycle of major parts of our equipment. In the domestic market of the Republic of Korea, we are the largest consumer of TATA DAEWOO trucks, so we can offer to our customers all our lifts and cranes installed on export types of trucks. Annually, technical specialists from various countries are free training at company headquarter. All HORYONG products have international quality certificates. Company HORYONG CO,. LTD is dynamically improving the quality of existing products and expanding the current lineup. Purchasing our products you can be sure in its quality, because HORYONG equipment made by company who has experience in the manufacturing of the safest and most innovative equipment in the world. Constant technical research with absolute integrity and continuous innovation, is at the heart of everything we do We make your life more convenient.

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    건립의 날짜1990
    동업자들부터 100 까지 500
    시장Australia, Central America, East Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
    품질 보증2
    CertificatesHACCP, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 17799, ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000, ISO/TS 16949
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